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2012-01-20 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.3)  6 ratings

'ddcg' 9D vs. 'idontca1' 9D (Fan beats Park!)

Here is a sharp game played by Tingyu Fan 3p against Junghwan Park 9p just minutes ago on Tygem.

Park (idontca1) is the youngest Korean 9-dan pro, and he is very active on Tygem (you can find many of his games there in the GoSensations archive). He just turned 19 years-old (a week ago), so we can say that he is still very young and is full of potential.

Fan (ddcg) is even younger, only 15 years old. I don't think Park knows who ddcg is in real life as they are from different countries, but their game was certainty a clash of Go prodigies!


A few notes about the game:

Black 19 is a trick play. It is very surprising to see a top professional playing it. White 20 is the correct answer, but I am not sure about the follow up;

White 54 serves as a ladder breaker;

White 94+96 were a very sharp combination. The fight that followed was very complicated, but White dominated it and got what he wanted: the momentum to play White 116 (cap). Black's group was captured and the game ended with an early resignation!


When playing against ddcg you can never let your guard down!


4d ( IN ) 2012-02-01 10:02
i don't think there is much difference between low pro dan and high level pro dan the difference is seen out of 10 games maybe the low dan will win two but lose all rest..it's pretty normal these days :)

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