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2012-04-10 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

14 years old Wi Jeuing, 2p on Tygem

Wi Jeuing, 2p become famous few days ago after she beat Xie Yuemin, Japanese Female Honinbo in Female Team Go championship in China.

In her interview Wi, 2p said that she likes to play Go by internet. She mainly plays on Tygem and she agreed to share one of her nicknames: "trace(P)"

Some impressions from Parik Stefanov, our Tygem expert:

The account "trace(P)" was made on 31.08.2010. We plays quite often with good results, but, as I noticed,  not against the Tygem superstars.
    2203 games played : 1402 wins, 774 lost, 27 draws, 37992 rating points.

   Here you can see half a point win against "okokgogogo" from Japan (128 wins-77 lost, 35367 rating points), a very active player in the last days.

You can see her game against Korean pro Kim Chongsu in our previous Tygem article


2012-04-13 06:04
i think more common transcription of her name is Yu Zhiying

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