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2012-03-09 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Difference between 8d and 9d players on Tygem


Difference between 8d and 9d players on Tygem

We know lot of inseis and even some European amateurs, who can stay on 9d level on Tygem.

Can we say that 8d players are much weaker than 9-dans? We can see that even famous players can sometimes lose their 9d rank.

My feeling is:

  1. Someone with 65% + winning percentage on Tygem as 9d can be a top pro
  2. Person with 50% as 9d has the strength of regular Korean pro around Korean ranking #100-#150
  3. Some inseis and former inseis can also stay on 9d level with about 50% winning statistic
  4. There are lot of professionals, who stay on 8d on Tygem  - most female pros and old pros
  5. 8d is the normal Tygem rank of Korean amateur 7-dan (who can stay in best 50 in Korean amateur ranking)


As an example please check the statistic of the famous Korean pro Kim Chongsu, 7p

Recently he successfully won several important tournament games vs Korean 9-dans:


Peungesomun (P) is Kim's account on Tygem. He is currently 9D , 7568 games , 3204 wins, 4323 lost, 41 draws  (30901 rating points)

    He had another account  : "kmomo"  : 8D, 8099 games, 4399 wins, 3650 lost, 50 draws (35874 rating points).

    The last game of this account was on 28.11.2008, when he lost to StressBall and was demoted from 9D to 8D. Probably he was upset about that fall to 8D and didn't play anymore under that account.

 Here is the game Kim won against:

 "trace(P)" 9D (China) : 1229 wins - 687 lost (37738 p) , who is probably one of the top Chinese professionals

You can see now that even famous Korean professionals may have hard time keeping their 9-dan rank on Tygem


7d ( CA ) 2013-10-04 02:10
Any decent amateur player can make 8d and even 9d.There are many 9d players that lost to me in even game and I'm only 7d. If I play against top pros I will need about 3~5 stones to make it a competetive game. There's a hughe difference between players in same rank. Best of the best players like idontca1(Park Jung Hwan 9p)only play against the other tip top pros so he may not have 65% winning percentage or whatever that you talk about. If he'd cherry pick his opponents like many make belief 9d players, he will have 99% winning percentage.
2012-05-01 06:05
What about danseq, prayer1 and kongm(P), looks like very good ones. Anyone knows more about them?
2012-04-09 06:04
By the way, trace (P) is 14-years old Chinese girl, 2-dan pro. I will make an article about her soon
2012-03-14 01:03
yes you're right DanielTom, still there is some strange rules (or better no rules) in transcription from korean, chinesse nicks to english one. Some players which have (P) in non english nicks, does not have it in english one. like Nice7 or ThrillLove
( PT ) 2012-03-13 07:03
Professional players can request a pro account. It adds (P) to the ID and no matter how many games they lose, it stays 9d (the rank never drops).
Some choose not to do that because of the added pressure :)
2012-03-12 04:03
opposite example is daybreaks from japan (or Mr-dozen, 3586) they are 9D for very long time, but their opponents are not the strongest 9D from china or korea but usualy the 9D average players or new 9D. just to add, i'm very big fan of 3586 and i try to see live all his matches - he is playing every day in the early morning (japan time) except sunday. but all the time i'm curious how he would play against top chinesse and korean players ... the same for daybreaks (or klesha - this is probably new account of daybreaks)
2012-03-12 04:03
on tygem is big difference between 9D and 9D, but sometimes small difference between 9D and 8D. Allways depends on your opponents ...
one of my favorite players is lxlx from china - in my opinion he is one of the strongest chinesse player on tygem (just look on his games and opponents, he is beating players like BC2012, idontca1, Dcember(P), gaofeng(P), Marriag(P), 2012story, ...). but because his opponents are only strongest korean players he usualy fall down to 8D. when he is 8D he use to play simultaneous at least 2 games with 8D and i think he never loose any of this games. he is able to came back to 9D in 1 - 2 hours :)
5d 2012-03-10 02:03
9d is so variable on Tygem though. I think the strongest can give the weakest around 3-4 stones.
The reason roln etc can keep 9d is just cos they don't play top tier 9d's. I guess this guy was playing stronger 9d's.
I am EGF 5d and can sustain 8d on Tygem. Pretty sure I would die to this guy every time though :-)

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