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2012-04-29 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

"nnewer" 9D schools "chihin" 9D!

Chan Chi Hin ("chihin" 9D on Tygem) is going to represent Hong Kong in the World Amateur Go Championship again this year. He is famous on KGS as "kghin" 8d.


Yesterday he played two games with "nnewer" on Tygem, and lost twice.


"nnewer" is not known much in the Western world (yet), but he is a brilliant player.

His playing style is interesting: he plays normal moves in fuseki and relies deeply on his reading ability to win the game later on. That makes him very strong at fighting, as he can read like 20 moves in 1 second!

Sometimes he also plays on KGS (he is still invincible there!) but I won't say who he is because I do not have his permission (sorry).


If you have the time, I strongly suggest you watch more of his games on Tygem. (At least I feel I learned a lot from them.)


As for the game, please pay attention to move 23 (B3). It is such a nice tesuji ! (Probably even better than the standard C3!) You can memorize that shape, as it is so common. Black's invasion was a success (later he even got B6 in sente).


At move 100, Black was already leading by 40 points or so. Nevertheless, he decided to destroy all of White's territory in the center! Even Chihin, well-known as a very strong fighter, was powerless to stop "nnewer"!

Black finished the ko with move 141 (K12) and lived at the top right with the moves 147+149. The game was then 100% over for White.

Chihin resigned a few moves later. He had absolutely no chance in this game.


1d ( PH ) 2012-04-30 03:04
wow... is he a hikaru no go fanatic?

haha... i see that he holding a fan like Sai and Hikaru.

2012-04-29 02:04
He's amazingly strong, at the end I was laughing, white had nothing left on the board!! And the b3 tesuji is definitely worth remembering!!

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