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2012-05-01 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Dcember(P) aims for his third straight win?

Hanzhong rival games are in the heat of the fight. South Korean is leading in the series 3-2 due to a fenomenal play by Dcember(P). He has secured 2 consecutive wins for South Korean team against Strive(P)and allKO(P). The Chinese team is left only with 2 players: tryortry9d and Jiang Weijie 9p. Next round  tryortry 9d will challenge  Dcember(P) and will try to break his winning streak. On the other hand  Dcember(P) will try to prolong his success for the joy of his fans.


The game between Dcember(P) and allKO(P)was full of fighting spirit. If you follow our articles on GoSensations you remember Parik Stefanov posts' about allKO(P). He noticed a lot of times that allKO(P) is very good at ko fighting and never misses a chance to start a ko fight. And this game is not an exception: throughout the game there were several big ko fights starting from the very fuseki and followed by big exchanges. Not without an irony but the game was decided in the last ko fight and this time Dcember(P) emerged the winner in the fight. 


South Korea vs China 3:2

 Round 1

ddcg 9d (Tingyu Fan 3p) defeated kirle 9d - 0:1


Round 2

chaos2 9d defeated ddcg 9d (Tingyu Fan 3p) - 1:1


Round 3

Strive(P) (Mi Yu Ting, 3p) defeated chaos2 9d - 1:2


Round 4

Dcember(P) defeated Strive(P) (Mi Yu Ting, 3p) - 2:2


Round 5

Dcember(P) defeated allKO(P) 9d (Chen Yaoye, 9P) - 3:2


Next round (TBA):

Dcember(P) vs tryortry 9d ( Tan Xiao 5p)



3k 2012-05-01 07:05
What a terrific game!
At my level I find it very difficult to judge whether certain dramatic moves are made in desperation or are based on confident reading, but it's very exciting regardless.

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