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2012-05-23 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Last round of 32: qdd(P) vs All_Kill 9d

The preliminaris rounds are over. We've got 13 players qualified for the last round of 32. Amazingly China swept the qualifying competetion. Chinese players got all but one spot. Only one korean player,dbfwlsd(P), managed to pass the selection. Japan as usual out of competition, only 1 player managed to get to round 3 and not further. Western players didn't even show up for their games, there were a few European players to cheer upCornell 9d but he never came. 


There were some unexpected results, even sensational:


allKO(P) lost to Delight(P) 

trace(P) lost to sagggg 9d

tryortry 9d lost to BC2012 9d

woojunglee 9d lost to MIALBJ(P) in final round.


Today the first game of the last 32 round took place. Chinese player, qdd(P), who qualified from the preliminaries challenged Korean player, All_Kill 9d. The betting was in favor of Korean player 70-30%, but he didn't meet the expectations of his fans. qdd(P) won the game by resignation and advanced to the next round.


Even though Korean players failed in the preliminary rounds, they still have superstar players such as Dcember(P) who was unstoppable in Hanzhong rival games and won 4 games in a row, defeating in the last game Jiang Weijie 9p.


Two games are scheduled for tomorrow: 


1. BWMM(P) vs OneFlySea 9d

2. xg(P)  vs  gunguntoy 9d.



2012-05-23 02:05
You're right, BC2012 is a really strong player and always plays against top Tygem players. But he couldn't be idontca1, because idontca1 was already qualified for the last 32 round and he didn't have to participate in the preliminaries.
2012-05-23 01:05
I think it's quite reasonable but not sensational for "tryortry" to lose against "BC2012" as "BC2012" is thought to be no other than the famous "idontca1" and he has an absolute superiority in the matches against "tryortry".

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