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2011-02-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

European team championship: The most exciting game!

It's hard to see chess on TV, because it's too boring.
Go has more chances in future. Just try to play as Ilya Shikshin and they will show you!
It's possible to compare such games with boxing or football. I feel, it's even more exciting.
White had a nice wall (after Black's mistake in joseki). Black was behind, so he decided to fight actively.
That fight near White's wall normally must be dangerous for Black, but ...
Finally Black killed almost the whole board!
I will only explain B's mistake in joseki (check sgf). Rest is hard to comment, but fun to watch!
Find some popcorn and enjoy the show! 


2011-03-20 05:03
So basically the only games worth watching are fighting games?

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