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Servers | Dashn | "ddojiddo" , Korean insei vs director Jeong

2009-03-10 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  2 ratings

"ddojiddo" , Korean insei vs director Jeong

Kim Sangyoon, "ddojiddo" (we can translate his nickname from Korean as "play again") is former Korean insei
, who is very active on Go servers. He is about 20 years old now
We can see him on Dashn, Cyberoro and IGS
He beat lot of top pros on IGS, including May, Redtiger, sirace,
Technique, up, Viking and others.

Kim is much stronger than director Jeong, but as you already know,
it's hard to control him.
The fight was hopeless for director Jeong from the early beginning.
His group almost got killed, but suddenly ...


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