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Servers | Dashn | Haoda9 vs director Jeong

2009-03-11 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  2 ratings

Haoda9 vs director Jeong

Haoda9 is Yun Myungchol, 6-dan (7-dan on Dashn).  He is the director of the Go school
for small kids. As I already explained, all Haoda + number players are
different persons, but they are the members of the same amateur club, called
Chonmekhe (good tesujis).
Director Yun played several thousands games on Dashn with about 55% winning score as 7-dan.
I found more than 30 of his games with director Jeong from Suwon city.
All these games were fun and the total score was slightly favorable for director Yun.
Here you can check one of their games with big capturing race and huge furikawari
Enjoy the battle!


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