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2009-03-13 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Kang Youtaek's teacher on Dashn

"Purity" is a nickname of the Korean 6-dan amateur Kim Jongsong.
Probably you don't know him, but you may know his students. Kang Youtaek, 2p
for example (he crushed lot of 9-dans already, including Lee Sedol). Kim works as a teacher in Yangchun Dail Baduk School and he taught lot of Korean kids, who are professionals now.
"Purity" has about 50%-50% score on Dashn as 7-dan.
He played lot of games with director Jeong from Suwon. Again, Kim Jongsong, 6-dan
is much stronger, and sometimes they even play on 2-stones handicap, but you know
director Jeong well.
He can beat even much stronger players!
As usual, you will see the great battle with huge furikawaris.


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