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2009-03-14 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Inseis vs top amateurs

Park Sangyun, 7-dan has been one of the strongest Korean amateurs for almost 20 years.
He won lot of local tournaments and represented Korea in WAGC once.
His biggest success on international arena was winning World Pair Go Championship.
He has several accounts on Dashn and the most successful one is "magsabal".
He is able to keep 80-85% winning score as 7-dan.

Here is the game Park played with Kim Namhun (haneulmoggye), who is the former
1-st class insei and my former classmate. Kim's score on Dashn is less impressive -
He wins 60% of his games only.


2009-03-14 05:03
By the way, small boy on the left photo is Park Yeunhun, 9p. It was made in 1998

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