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2011-01-04 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Get strong at pressing "done" button!

It's not the first game I saw. Sometimes you can lose the game by pressing "done" button too early.
Be careful!

I was a bit suprised after reading such words from the winner in game chat:

Kanin [5d]: lolz
Kanin [5d]: free win
Kanin [5d]: :O

It seems that on KGS it means "I am sorry, it was my fault when I pressed done button"

Few notes about Antonkhv, if you don't know him
He was insei in Japan in the middle of 90's for more than 3 years. His real name is Anton Zatonskih
and he lives in Khabarovsk city (Russia). That city is many thousand km away from Moscow ( 1 week by train or so),
so it's hard to see Anton in Russian tournaments.
He played in Russian LG cup about 10 years ago and was in best 4 (if I remember correctly) of the final standing.

It's a bit strange that he is only 4-5d on KGS. I am sure, he can easily reach 6-7d (at least), if he plays seriousely.
We played some games, when he visited Korea in 1998. That time I was EGF 6d and Anton was a bit stronger than me.
Not sure, if he improved since that time, but anyway, 4d KGS rank is too low for one of the top Russian players 
(by our official Russian rating, at least).


2011-01-17 01:01
One strange fact:
Tien is 9d on KGS and his EGF rating is 2587. Antonkhv has 2605 rating, but he is only 5d.
2d 2011-01-09 02:01
About 50% of online games get a random "result" anyway. One side is leading, the other plays trick moves, and the oppponent often gets tricked here or there. This is Go.
4d ( SE ) 2011-01-06 03:01
Lolz, you guys need to learn to relax. If you want I could go in and play 50 moves against the same opponent and press resign. Where do you get off calling this a "sensation" anyway?
3k ( US ) 2011-01-05 09:01
Of course the reality is that Black beat White. How it was recorded by KGS doesn't change that, nor does it change the relative strengths of Black and White. Perhaps both players were too quick with the Done button because they aren't overly concerned with their ratings!
5k ( RU ) 2011-01-05 05:01
There can be Anton has such level of game because often scornfully concerns counting of points? Though at me too two accounts. The second on 2 kyu below the official)). I use it when my Go undergoes crisis. Can and it has a secret account with 7d %)???
8k ( AT ) 2011-01-05 12:01
Whatever KGS faults are (and there are some!) in this case it is a lack of fair play.
On the other I side I am quite relieved to see that also in dan levels there are players best to be ignored.
2011-01-05 04:01
the kgs client handles this wrong. it should ask each player (separately) for dead stones and then check if they match.
that way, stuff like this wouldnt happen

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