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2011-03-05 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  6 ratings

SHGoCamp's Attack and Kill!

   "SHGoCamp", 9-dan, is currently no. 2 on KGS. She is from the Shanghai Go Team - I say "she" because I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) that SHGoCamp is Wang Zhe (Chinese 6-dan).

   I want to show you a game played in January (2011), where SHGoCamp faced "Hutoshi4", 9-dan. During the game, "MilanMilan" (9d) said this:

   MilanMilan [9d]: I guess Black will win... But I'm not sure. I would be sure if I was Black. I will win even if now Lee Changho takes over as White.

   I decided to only show the relevant part of the game here, so you can see it as a tsumego. If you look at the board position, it is clear that Black is ahead. At this point, White's only chance is to attack Black's group in the left strongly. But where should he start? Can you find the best move?

   The sequence in the game was very sharp, and White successfully managed to make an exchange where W killed B's left side group and B captured W's group at the top. The result was favorable for White and in the end White won the game, showing that even in difficult positions you can turn the game around if you can attack strongly and have a sharp reading.

   Remember, you can't win a fight without attacking.


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