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2012-04-25 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  4 ratings

9th King of Kings - Second To None

 The 9th Tong Yang Securities Tygem King of Kings Cup started yesterday with the preliminary rounds from groups. In order to register for the tournament you need to be a 9d player on one of the Tygem servers. From Western countries I can see that 3 players signed up: tidymind 9d (USA, probably Andy Liu aka bigbadwolf), cornel11 9d (Cornel Bruzo from Romania) and SexyBear 9d (I have no info on this player). Round of 32 is announced on 14.5.2012, so by that time best players will be decided through the preliminary stages. And you should be in no doubt that the best players will fight for the main prize 50,000 USD! 


Last year gjopok (Lee Sedol, 9P, ?) took the title "Tygem King of Kings" defeating 2-1 in finals idontca1 (Park Junghwan, 9P, ?). This year tournament will be not less exciting as we have new young Chinese stars that shook the pro world stage. 


Unfortunately, there is not so much information available in English, so if our readers have something to add, please update us through the comments. 


So far the tournament kicked off from the game between chaos2 9d and Strive(P) 9d. I'm not sure if it's another handle of "chaos(P)" 9D (Won Seongjin, 9P) but his game record is really impressive. He has 39000 RG points and plays mostly against strongest players on Tygem. However I can see that he played a game against chaos(P) 9d in January 2012 and won it, so apparently it's two different players with similar handle. Strive(P) 9d won the game by resignation.


The next barrier for the Chinese star Strive(P) 9d was no other than famous Dcember(P) from Korea. It's worthwhile to mention that last year Strive(P) showed tremendous performance in King of Kings Cup losing in last 19 to the future winner of the tournament gjopok 9d. According to DanielTom's source, Strive(P) is Mi Yu Ting, 3p, a 15 years old Chinese prodigy. It's he who recently defeated Lee Changho 9p in 4th BC Card Cup. After The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup, one of our readers came to the conclusion: "Dcember(P)gjopok = Lee Sedol". I won't comment on this since I don't have any prove but I can see the irony: Strive(P) losing twice in this tournament to the same person. As you already guessed Dcember(P) won the game by resignation.


According to the Tygem web site, top players from Korea and China were divided in two groups of 5 players in each. And today Dcember(P) won the first game in rival matches. Next games are to be announced in near future, if you don't want to miss them, stay with us.

              South Korea                                                  VS                                             China


            Won Seong-jin 9p (Samsung Cup holder)                                                   Jiang Weijie 9p (LG Cup holder)

            gametheory 9d                                                                                       tryortry 9d ( Tan Xiao 5p)


           chaos2 9d                                                                                               allKO(P) 9d (Chen Yaoye, 9P) 

           Dcember(P) 9d                                                                                        Strive(P) (Mi Yu Ting, 3p)

           kirle 9d                                                                                                   ddcg 9d (Tingyu Fan 3p)




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tiffsguica 2013-08-07 10:08
2012-04-27 12:04
here's link to tournament page where are / will be some shedule

and here are games mentioned in this article
1d 2012-04-25 10:04
It's rather difficult to monitor the games. They are definitely announced on Tygem web site (Korean version). As for the games, they are being played in room "competition", usually they put an announcement and time of the next game.
3k 2012-04-25 05:04
This is terrific. Thank you!
Q: I don't use Tygem very often; is there a way to identify tournament games? Are they self-scheduled / is there any predictable time when I'd be likely to catch them live?

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